The personal development industry has failed you.

We've focused on our profit and not on your growth.

It's time we take responsibility for our actions.

This is our humble attempt to right our wrongs.

And create a new business model for our peers to copy.

Welcome To Statbrook Studio.

Our new business model is based on three core ideas: 

authenticity, lifetime value, and you above all else.

First, authenticity...

Nothing fake or misleading.  

Nothing that promises the world when the world can't be promised.

Nothing that makes you feel like you just interacted with slime balls.

Everything that is open and honest.

Everything that is real people being real people.

And most of all...

An authentic commitment to really put you first. 

Humans helping humans.  Not humans profiting on the needs of others.

Second, lifetime value...

The "business as usual" personal development model is about fast profits.

This new business model is about lifetime value.

In other words, it's about building real relationships with you.

It's about us winning only when you win and not the other way around.

It's also about what lifetime value means for you:

We're not going to sell you a course and then another course and then another program.

Our commitment to sell you a course and WORK WITH YOU.

That means working with you to start and finish the program.

That means working with you to turn that program into action.

That means working with you to turn that action into a lifetime of value and results.

And finally, you.  First.  Always...

If you don't win, we don't win.

If you don't grow, we don't grow.

If you don't thrive, we don't thrive.

And if you're not happy, then we're not happy until you're happy again.

You. First. Always.

Here's the truth:  

We will fail.  We will slip up.  We will make mistakes.  You might see us do something that looks like "business as usual" that we are blind to. Old habits die hard.  

But we will own those mistakes.  Learn from them.  Push ourselves to never do them again. And we are counting on you to tell us when we fail, so we never do it again. 

We are in it for you and with you.

So who are we?  And why the sudden change?

My name is Mitch.  I am one of the partners in a small personal development publishing company.

But, truth is, I never imagined I'd be a partner in a company selling personal development courses.  I went to school for jazz piano!  But, more importantly, I have always been the one that cared for and about others first.  A classic self-sacrificer.  So it's strange I became a part of the ugly monster that is the current "business as usual" personal development industry.

All of us here at Statbrook are good people.  None of us are greedy, sleazy lowlifes.  But we also didn't push against the status quo.  We got comfortable with all of the tactics that produce profit.  It's not that I don't believe in what we currently offer.  

But I don't believe in how we have been offering it.  

In fact, it's haunted me. And I felt paralyzed by it.  I'm a creative guy... a musician by passion... and yet I couldn't figure out how to make the business model work without all the sleazy, hypey, pushy tactics and cost-cutting at the detriment of you.

And then, at the beginning of 2020, a little, fuzzy, abstract idea popped into my head.  And, with the help of a truly gifted, enlightened team of misfits from all over the world: 

Awais, Cassie, Daniel, Dip, Eric, Jackie, Jane, Kevin, Luis, Maria, Mary, Mayra, Misa, Mohammed,  Rick, Sabir, Vincent, and Zlaja... from 13 different countries!

Together, we are designing a new platform, a new business, a new vision for you and for the personal development industry as a whole.

Our goal?  Make a business model that completely breaks in half the "business as usual" that's Personal Development 1.0.  This is Personal Development 2.0.

And while the big platform is still in the works... we are beginning to roll out new initiatives, new tests, new pushes, new efforts... and new ways of getting us to our goal... you first, always.

I am not happy about what I've been a part of, no matter how good of a person I am.

But I am profoundly proud of what we're putting together.  And I can't wait to show it to you, my colleagues, and the world.

Thank you for keeping us honest.

With love,

If you want to know when Personal Development 2.0 launches, pop your email address in below and we'll shoot you an email :)